Tour routes

1.Póstelek-Doboz (Wenckheim castle park)
Length: 10 km

The destination of this route is the Wenckheim castle park in Doboz. A 3.7 hectare castle park can be found at the back of the late residency, wich was built in the Wenckheims english style. Its typical trees are: oaks, planes, limes, horse-chestnut trees, also different kinds of pines. The park is a nature conservation area from 1979. The castle park can be found in the center of the village. It was established around 1850, by the Wenckheim counts. The visitors can see a more than 100 years old beautiful tree there. Also, there is the family mausoleum and the zion (1896 - 1902). The Szent Kereszt (Holy Cross) chapel and the Wenckheim crypt was sanctified by prebend Farkas Radnay in 1902.

The Szent Kereszt chapel and the Wenckheim-mausoleum

2. Póstelek – Gyula (Vár, Várfürdő, Castle Almássy)
Length: 10 km

Castle Almássy is the destination of the route. This castle became the property of the Almássy family (from the Wenckeim family). Frigyes and Krisztina Wenckheim wanted to buy it back, but the Almássys wanted to sell it at high rate. It was the reason why the Wenckheim castle was built in Szabadkígyós, wich was the familys and also Hungarys biggest and most modern castle.

3. Póstelek – Békéscsaba (Munkácsy museum)
Length: 9 km

The destination of the route is the Munkácsy Mihály museum in Békéscsaba. They named the museum after the big realistic painter, Mihály Munkácsy, who spent his childhood in Békéscsaba. This institute was established by the Museum Association. In 1910, the city executives had planned a building with the local architect, József Wágner. This neo-classicistic building was commenced in 1914. There are nearly 170 thousand archeological, 10 thousand ethnographic, 4500 historical works. 37 thousand itemized historical data sets and the photo collection including 50 thousand uptakes are also notable.

4. Póstelek – Gerla (Castle Wenckheim)
Length: 2,4 km

The Wenckheim castle in Gerla is the destination of the route. Gerla is the 8th district of Békéscsaba. Károly Wenckheim got this 37 roomed house planned by Miklós Ybl. A chapel is also part of this castle, wich was built in 1861. It is 13 metres long, 6 metres wide, the height of its tower is 15 metres. A 0,4m diameter bell can be found in the open tower.